Lone Summer Day

This morning, I was sound asleep in my bed, when I was awakened by a horrible noise. Construction! At nine A.M.! I tried to fall back asleep for a little bit, but it was no use. I stayed in bed reading and looking around for cooking classes in my area for a little bit. To my great excitement, there are a ton of places that offer cooking classes in the area! Since I don’t eat meat, I have yet to find a great one since most classes are about preparing steak or tuna or something of the like.

I then went downstairs for breakfast and a glass of iced orange juice (is there anything better in the summer?), and then took a long shower. I threw on a long button up shirt (paired with gloriously unshaven legs; I was feeling too lazy to reach for that razor), and am now prepared to spend the day lounging around. A little of bit of magazine reading, a little bit of cookie baking, a little bit of popcorn making.. To be followed with a date with my boyfriend. I should probably fit in shaving before then too, it’s way too hot for jeans.

For lunch I just had a grilled cheese sandwich made in a waffle iron, which is definitely the best way to make them, a glass of water, and a piece of flourless chocolate torte and caramel sauce that I made last night. I’ll post the recipe later, it was incredibly delicious. Anyway, I’m off to continue my lounging around. Have a great day! It’s summer, make sure to enjoy it and don’t stress too much.